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Cali Weed, also known as Californian cannabis, has gained enormous popularity in recent years. It is the result of years of breeding and crossbreeding different cannabis strains to bring out the best and most potent properties. In this article you will learn all about Cali Weed, its strains, the Cali Connection and why it is sometimes labelled as overpriced hype. We take you on a journey through the world of Californian Cannabisto find out whether the hype is really justified or not. buy cali weed

cali weed kaufen

Cali Weed

Cali Weed refers to cannabis that is bred and grown in California. It is a group of strains that are characterised by their high THC content, powerful aromas and strong effects. Many consumers swear by the quality of Californian cannabis and are prepared to pay higher prices for it. But what makes Cali Weed so special and expensive?

Cali Weed Price

As already mentioned, Cali weed is more expensive than conventional cannabis. So if you are offered a supposed Cali weed at a very low price, it could be a fake. Make sure that the price is reasonable and in line with the expected quality. It is better to spend a little more money to get an authentic and high-quality product than to fall for supposed bargains. cali weed price per gram

Since the legalisation of cannabis in California in 2016, the market has been strictly regulated. buy cali weed This means that the quality of the products that come onto the market is assured by government controls and tests. Consumers can rest assured that the cannabis they buy is free from pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances. This regulation has contributed to Californian cannabis being regarded as particularly safe and of high quality. However, this only applies if you actually buy your Cali weed locally in California. cali weed in amsterdam kaufen

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